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 on: November 14, 2019, 08:58:59 AM 
Started by ModDonnie - Last post by ModDonnie
Traders Token $TRDS Listed on Tradesatoshi Cryptocurrency Exchange
You can now trade $TRDS on $BTC $DOGE $USDT and $ETH base markets

Traders Token TRDS was created for real trading on decentralized and centralized exchanges for conducting P2P transactions and participation in global crypto economy. This is the first of its kind digital asset, which simultaneously operates on several main blockchain platforms.
At this stage of their evolution, cryptocurrencies and tokens are highly volatile digital assets! So, only at volatile markets traders can make really big money, but on the other hand they may make a loss too!
If you are looking for a certain stability, then you can consider Stable coins. There are enough of them at the market to fix your positions. Or different fiat currencies. As an alternative, keep a piece of digital precious metal in yourbrief case.

At the moment of launching of our project in early 2019, cryptocurrencies capitalization continues to decline, and institutional investors have not entered the cryptocurrency market yet! But this situation may change at any time. Market trend changes occur unexpectedly! Therefore, there is a great opportunity now to come to the market from below and then come out from above, to wait and then to come back from below again! Just the way it was done by some of smart and early CRYPTO investors before the pump of 2017. Or, as a parallel strategy, traders may use day trading, if possible. Also, now is the right time for creating investment portfolios and accumulating liquidity.

The Traders Token project is a system, a MULTI CHAIN digital asset (TRDS) and a community with their own view at cryptoeconomics. We are convinced that digital assets or at least the most of them must be highly volatile financial instruments! Becausethe trend and market volatility are traders’ friends, as well as the real opportunities for earnings! (TRDS Ethereum) and (TRDS Tron) are available now. Later on the token will be created and launched on other main platforms, including development and launch on its own PoS. blockchain platform. As a useful feature of smart contracts, the possibility of burning tokens is provided, allowing to increase the value of the asset in case of a protracted dump, or in the future, understanding that a part of the emission may be excessive.

 on: November 13, 2019, 01:38:08 PM 
Started by maguilla77 - Last post by maguilla77
today is 13/11/2019, where are the faucets ?

 on: November 13, 2019, 12:39:48 PM 
Started by KONJUNGATE - Last post by KONJUNGATE
Masternode Price 52.61 USD
ROI / Year 119.15 USD

 on: November 12, 2019, 10:06:59 AM 
Started by KONJUNGATE - Last post by KONJUNGATE


The aim of the MACHFELD-Foundation is to promote contemporary art. To achieve this goal, KONJUNGATE was developed.
KONJUNGATE is based on Michael Mastrototaro’s cyber novel MACHFELD. The Masternodes of KONJUNGATE allows contemporary art organisations the creation of values for funding contemporary art.
With this call, we would like to award Masternodes to art organizations. Please fill out the form below to participate in our call. After expiry of the application deadline, we will publish the selected organizations here and hand over the Masternodes.

Deadline: 15.11.2019

 on: November 10, 2019, 03:35:25 PM 
Started by freeforex20 - Last post by freeforex20
WAVE FUNCTION Elliott wave

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Every wave serves one of two functions: action or reaction. Specifically, a wave may either advance the cause of the wave of one larger degree or interrupt it. The function of a wave is determined by its relative direction. An actionary or trend wave is any wave that trends in the same direction as the wave of one larger degree of which it is a part. A reactionary or countertrend wave is any wave that trends in the direction opposite to that of the wave of one larger degree of which it is part. Actionary waves are labeled with odd numbers and letters. Reactionary waves are labeled with even numbers and letters.
All reactionary waves develop in corrective mode. If all actionary waves developed in motive mode, then there would be no need for different terms. Indeed, most actionary waves do subdivide into five waves. However, as the following sections reveal, a few actionary waves develop in corrective mode, i.e., they subdivide into three waves or a variation thereof. A detailed knowledge of pattern construction is required before one can draw the distinction between actionary function and motive mode, which in the underlying model introduced so far are indistinct. A thorough understanding of the forms detailed in the next five lessons will clarify why we have introduced these terms to the Elliott Wave lexicon.
Lesson 4: Motive Waves
Motive waves subdivide into five waves with certain characteristics and always move in the same direction as the trend of one larger degree. They are straightforward and relatively easy to recognize and interpret.
Within motive waves, wave 2 never retraces more than 100% of wave 1, and wave 4 never retraces more than 100% of wave 3. Wave 3, moreover, always travels beyond the end of wave 1. The goal of a motive wave is to make progress, and these rules of formation assure that it will.
Elliott further discovered that in price terms, wave 3 is often the longest and never the shortest among the three actionary waves (1, 3 and 5) of a motive wave. As long as wave 3 undergoes a greater percentage movement than either wave 1 or 5, this rule is satisfied. It almost always holds on an arithmetic basis as well. There are two types of motive waves: impulses and diagonal triangles

 on: November 10, 2019, 02:34:01 PM 
Started by infinite27 - Last post by infinite27
5000 $DOGE
👏 50x claps in one @
📝Comment "50 CLAPS"
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5 participants will split on 11/16
#cryptocurrency #bitcoin #trading

 on: November 08, 2019, 08:13:41 AM 
Started by ModDonnie - Last post by ModDonnie
IOP is swapping to Hydra and will be delisted on November 30 2019

IOP will be delisted on November 30 because is swapping into Hydra.

For more information please contact IOP developers.

Withdraw your coins before November 30 2019, withdrawal after that date will not be possible

 on: November 08, 2019, 12:14:50 AM 
Started by ModDonnie - Last post by ModDonnie
The winners of the DEFL Trading Competition has been announced.

Tradesatoshi is glad to announce a new Trading Competition for this October 28 2019. Users will be ranked on the total DEFL/BTC volume traded (Buys and Sell included).

Trading competition will start at 09:00 UTC October 28 and will end at 09:00 UTC November 6 2019. Users ranked with the highest volume on the pair DEFL/BTC will win a shared pool of 25000 DEFL

1. Top 1 trader will receive and 8000 DEFL
2. Top 2 - 5 traders will receive 2000 DEFL each, Total shared pool value 8000 DEFL
3. Top 6 - 25 Traders will receive 450 DEFL each, Total shared pool value 9000 DEFL

1. If a user DEFL/BTC trading volume is on the top 1, user will receive 8000 DEFL
2. If a user DEFL/BTC trading volume is on the top 2 - 5, user will receive 2000 DEFL
3. If a user DEFL/BTC trading volume is on the top 6 - 25, user will receive 450 DEFL

Rank         User              Traded
1   4a***u            7.76312829
2   oh***ik            1.84126915
3   Nai***i*e            0.26194281
4   ro***z**1            0.04455000
5   My****o*ns    0.03192377
6   5***50**            0.03132134
7   gr***ha**n    0.02281809
8   su**md            0.01975430
9   pa**om            0.01836879
10   p**el            0.01265496
11   Ka***l1**8    0.00960806
12   x*s                    0.00854807
13   Pr***ono            0.00753455
14   hel***her            0.00727183
15   Mou****ng    0.00690512
16   Do***l*m            0.00620853
17   Si***a            0.00612259
18   c**a                    0.00570698
19   XU****ANH    0.00547134
20   lex***rzh            0.00495194
21   ka***la**e    0.00425791
22   da***nw            0.00404587
23   ni***olt            0.00328957
24   me***ah**t    0.00270312
25   mg***5            0.00224612
26   Sh***t            0.00211252
27   ic***rd***er    0.00184114
28   yo***y*n            0.00161717
29   eg***gi***e    0.00151445
30   ar***r_m**t    0.00149118
31   Ad***EFL            0.00122184
32   bh***ars**b    0.00121602
33   sh***ll            0.00119008
34   Re***al*d            0.00115369
35   SG***ory            0.00112241
36   Ru***Ob**v    0.00105799
37   as***bra**o    0.00105000
38   pe***lo**            0.00099999
39   Fu***rk            0.00097029
40   as***975            0.00093705
41   ha**h**04    0.00089777
42   Cl***on            0.00089240
43   Cy***Mon**r    0.00079326
44   og**an            0.00071133
45   Pu***e123    0.00061346
46   Sa***nd***tp07   0.00058979
47   Ka**ai            0.00049999
48   Mo**ta            0.00049865
49   sk**ta            0.00048720
50   Sc**ch            0.00040385

*Tradesatoshi reserves the right of final interpretation of the competition. Those users involved in competition manipulation will be disqualified. All rewards will be distributed among those traders who do not participate in these types of manipulative tactics.

 on: November 07, 2019, 08:08:58 PM 
Started by KONJUNGATE - Last post by KONJUNGATE
INFO for investors:

KONJ Earnings
159.34 days

KONJ Stats

MN Count
455,639,350.0000 KONJ
600,000 KONJ
MN Reward
455 KONJ
POW Reward
250 KONJ
POS Reward
195 KONJ
104,400,000 KONJ (22.91%)
Avg. MN Reward
0d 2h 54m

 on: November 06, 2019, 06:06:37 AM 
Started by Steamer Punky - Last post by Steamer Punky
Last few months i'm still not familiar with Tradesatoshi and before I transfer my funds here, I do some mild research about this exchange by reading in Forums and Blog Article.
Some have said that Tradesatoshi is a Scam Exchange but others says it's legit and reliable.
So I investigated further on what's are those issue that leads other traders says TS is Scam and I find "KYC" (Know your Client/Customer) is first on the list.
But I find it very intriguing, so out of curiosity I apply my account to KYC/Level 2 voluntarily and guest what, my account was successfully verified after couple of days with no problem at all.
So I question my self what's the problem or issue on the other users account?
And then I found this post on Reddit:

These post answer all my questions.
For me Tradesatoshi is very good exchange which also provide good services. (Not Scam at all)

Can you also share your thoughts regarding this issue?

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